Fraser River BC Fishing Reports

Sept 8, 2008: Between February and now has been an excellent season for both the Mar Huron in Costa Rica, and the Bad Dog on Cape Cod. We ran successful fishing trips until April in Costa Rica with consistent fishing and happy anglers.

Michael spent from April until late August diving for lobster here on beautiful Cape Cod and his catch for the season was 15,000 lbs. Yes. An incredible 15,000 lbs. It was his best season to date, and he’s quite likely outnumbered a lot of the trappers in poundage.

He started tuna fishing about 2 weeks ago and has landed 5 so far, the most recent about 15 minutes ago – a 900 lber. The first was 700 lbs, the second 600, the 3rd a 400 lber and the 4th another 600 lber. A huge improvement over last season…we hate to go there but it was 28 days before his first fish and he ended the season the highliner with 4 caught.

So we have high hopes for this tuna season with another 2 months to go!

On a personal note, we are expecting our second son next week.

All is well, fruitful and peaceful on Cape Cod. We plan to return to Costa Rica sometime in December to get prep’d for another season of Costa Rica fishing.

Feb 25, 2008: Costa Rica Fishing: It’s hard to believe it’s been so long since the last update! Fishing has been excellent this year! Since the last update we’ve hosted 3 great regular groups: Capt Cal and group, Freddy Hernandez and group and Chris Parody and friends. We’ve had a smattering of day charters in between and all trips have seen decent offshore action and a really diverse catch. Chris Parody’s group caught 3 species of Snapper in 1 day!

Jan 20, 2008: Costa Rica Fishing: May and Jamie from Miami are down celebrating May’s birthday out at Encanta La Vida

The fished a great day offshore going 3 for 3 on the Sailfish and boating 3 Dorado up to 45 lbs. On the way in they snagged a Jack at the rock.

The good fishing has stayed consistent since the Marlin bite – we had a challenging season last year as most who fished anywhere in the country found out! So this hot